Chip Tanaka

2017.11.15 1st FULL ALBUM

CD 1 枚組 全13 曲収録 / 2,500 円(tax out) / SHVC-001CDには感謝を込めた「田中の手紙(秘密の音源DLコード付)」を封入進呈。
Each CD includes a thank-you letter from Chip Tanaka (and secret track download code).

ゲームソフト『MOTHER 1・2』『 スーパーマリオランド』などの音楽から、作編曲で「ポケモン」のTVアニメ、映画楽曲の多くを手掛けるなど、作曲家として華麗なる経歴をもつ彼のライブ パフォーマンス名義:Chip Tanaka(チップタナカ)が、


リードトラック「Beaver」のMVは、朝日小学生新聞の 紙面や、NHK Eテレ「あはれ!名作くん」などのほか、各社の広告作品 などを多数発表するJUN OSON氏が担当。

これまでに国内外で数多くのライブ活動を行ってきたChip Tanaka本人曰く、
“僕の音楽に 大人用/子供用というものがあったら、
今作は 『MOTHER』 の戦闘曲に代表されるようなハードな側面のゲーム音楽の昇華形“

As an innovator who has been transmitting game music across the globe since the 1980s
when he worked as a sound engineer at Nintendo, Hirokazu Tanaka knows chipsounds.
His illustrious career has taken him from games (EarthBound Beginnings, EarthBound,
Super Mario Land) to TV (the Pok士on animated series) to feature films. And now , for the
first time ev er, he is releasing a complete album under his stage name, Chip Tanaka.

For two decades, Tanaka has been channeling his singular inner whimsy and his love for reggae,
dub, and techno to bridge the gap between game music and dance music. This collection of
13 tracks from his own personal label represents a new creative pinnacle.

The music video for the lead tr ack, “Beaver,” has been produced by Jun Oson, known for his prolific
work in the Asahi Shogakusei Shinbun newspaper, the NHK Educational TV series Aware! Meisakukun,
and a number of advertising projects.

Says Tanaka, whose live shows have taken him across Japan and abroad: “If my music can be
divided into ʻfor adultsʼ and ʻfor kids,ʼ then this is the culmination of m y harder side, the kind of
game music you hear in EarthBoundʼs battle tracks.” Donʼt miss it!

  • 201805/27Sun.
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    新潟県 湯沢町 苗場スキー場

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Chip Tanaka

ゲームソフト『MOTHER1』『MOTHER2』『メトロイド』『バルーンファイト』『スーパーマリオランド』などの音楽を手掛け、『ポケットカメラ』の商品開発などにも携わるとともに、作編曲家としても、TVアニメ、映画「ポケモン」の楽曲の多くを手掛ける作曲家、たなかひろかず によるライブ名義の1つ。
2007年より「大人ブランコ」「Acerola Beach」「Chip Tanaka」といくつかの名義にてDJ・ライブ活動を行っている。

Metroid and Dr. Mario composer Chip Tanaka has played his part in shaping the sound of electronic music worldwide. Those songs from Super Mario that used to get stuck on an endless loop in your head? Hirokazu “Hip” Tanaka composed those, along with designing Game Boy audio hardware, sound effects for Tetris and Donkey Kong, as well as writing songs for the first Pokemon. A DJ (as Chip Tanaka) and huge reggae fan, he even based some of these video game jams on iconic Jamaican riddims.